Asking the Right Questions

Whether you are using a recruiting agency for the first time or frustrated with your experience with other staffing services, you probably have a lot of questions. To help you feel more confident in the process, we have collected some of the most commonly asked questions from our clients and candidates.

Not only should you look for the answers you need, but you should also make sure you are asking the right questions.

For Job Seekers

1Do I have to pay to register with Optimum Staffing Solutions?
Registration is free! Remember, helping connect you with meaningful employment is why we are here! There is absolutely no charge for job seekers to use our services.
2Do I have to accept a position proposed to me by a recruiter?
Simply put, No. At Optimum Staffing Solutions, our recruiters' responsibility is to help you find the job opportunity that is right for you. Our goal is to connect you with a career path that aligns with your:
  • Education
  • Capabilities
  • Experience
  • Personal goals
We do not want you to settle for a position that does not meet your expectations. Likewise, if you are unable to complete an assignment, or if you are simply not interested in the job, we encourage you to decline the offer, so we can get to work on a new opportunity for you.
3Won’t temporary assignments look bad on my resume?

Straight to the point- Not at all!

In today’s highly competitive and innovative market, temporary assignments are a terrific way to gain a wealth of experience in a variety of industries and organizations, which actually helps to improve and enhance your résumé. And with most of our clients, they know the value of being adaptable and efficient in multiple areas.

Additionally, accepting temporary assignments will help demonstrate to potential employers your willingness to roll up your sleeves and learn new skills. Not to mention, they will be happy to see you are determined to seize every attractive opportunity. We encourage our candidates to view every opportunity as a chance to add more value to their experience.

4If an assignment ends, will Optimum Staffing Solutions provide me with another job?

Absolutely! That is why we are here!

We don’t stop working for you just because you land a job placement. When our candidates have a successful and satisfactory first assignment, we keep building connections so that we can continue to offer you other opportunities.

You can count on us to keep working for you until we find the career you’ve been looking for.

5When do I get paid?

Every week!

Optimum Staffing Solutions knows how important it is to provide you with consistent and convenient financial independence. That is why we make sure all our staff are paid on a weekly basis.

Additionally, to make sure you get paid as quickly as possible, we pay all our staff through direct deposit.

For Employers

1Where do you get your candidates?

Simply put- rigorous recruitment.

Optimum Staffing Solutions is founded on an idea of quality recruitment strategies. Not only do we maintain consistent relationships with the many organizations and corporations we serve, but we also work with several community resources to connect with new members of the workforce.

2Do all candidates go through your screening process?


We believe in honoring the standards of our clients. To that end, we employ a thorough screening and evaluation process. Each Optimum Staffing Solutions specialist follows Standard Operating Procedures related to screening, to ensure staffing with quality, service, and consistency you can count on.

3How does Optimum handle performance or other issues with candidates?

With efficiency and integrity.

If you ever experience an issue relating to a candidate, we encourage you to connect with one of our specialists immediately. Because the quality of your experience is so important to us, we are always prepared to work with you to ensure any issue is resolved immediately, and to your satisfaction.

4If I need immediate staffing, will Optimum Staffing be able to provide someone qualified in a timely manner?

In most cases, our team is ready for anything. However, unique situations can and do happen.

Sometimes, for a more specific position, finding the right best match with the required skills is a challenge. In a few cases, this means we may need more time than our usual process.

This is because Optimum Staffing Solutions is committed to quality, not quotas. We would not send someone inexperienced, unqualified, or who doesn’t fit into your corporate culture just to scratch a name off the list. Our strategy is to connect you with the right candidate at the right time. It is never too late to do it right, quality sometimes takes longer.

We want to help you build a better and stronger professional future. At Optimum Staffing Solutions, our job is to educate, inspire, connect and support both the individuals we staff and the industries we serve. To learn more about the basics of staffing solutions, you can read our blog or contact us today. One of our specialists is ready to show you how you can benefit from an optimal approach to staffing solutions.